[TDW] War with SHOA Begins December 20th (OLD!)



This was made on: #120533347 - 12-17-2013 07:14 PM

War begins on December 20th, 2013. TDW’s fort is being constructed atm and will be finished hopefully within the week. SHOA’s fort has been visited by me and I have a walkthrough of it where the flag and everything is, it is indeed a OP fort.

TDW also got their hands on SHOA’s battle plans and raid strategies attacking in squadrons.

SHOA, I would like for you to fix your fort, remove the WIJ guns you edited, remove the turrets (their broken and OP), Remove the fog (Are you kidding me? It is blinding me), and others listed in video.

War Terms:
-Admin abusing is not allowed at each others outposts. If one abuses, have evidence and provide the evidence (No editing or rigging) if the Abuse is proven to be true a win will be given to the opposite team.
-No hacking/Exploiting, Results in a draw for both sides.
-No spamming/glitching/FPS Throttling at each others places, one it is immature and 2 it is also breaking the opposite teams’ fort rules.
-Allies are allowed for raids and defenses, but if I see that either side abuses allies way to much, the wins that are gained by either side and their allies will be taken away from them and we will only do a 1 on 1 war.
-No Flamming whatsoever, any sort of insults or flames said to opposite teams will result in a warning and then a kick, if you kick on the first time that is considered AA and you will be charged with either a -1 of your war score or +1 for other team.
-Forts must be fair for both sides, if the forts are not fair and are noticed as “OP” the opposite team will not raid the other teams fort until the problem is fixed, and if the problem is not fixed within 24 hours, the opposing team will gain a win.
-No uniform raiding, do not raid on civilian or ally team at each others fort.
-Defenses do count, just to make that clear, depending on if the fort is fair to begin with otherwise neither gets a point unless if the problem is not dealt with within 24 hours.

-First to reach 15 raid wins, wins the war, Final battles can be possible if and only if for example: Clan 1 has 15 wins but clan 2 has 13 or 14 wins, then we can have a FB or if they choose not to, that is fine.

Good luck to both sides, and SHOA prepare yourselves.


-Signed Commander of TDW