Teåbook Public Handbook


:wave: Welcome to the teåbook Public Handbook. We are a Y2K, and streetwear aesthetic clothing group on Roblox, inspired by the bold styles of the early 2000s. Our collection features a wide range of trendy and nostalgic pieces that capture the essence of Y2K fashion. Our goal is to foster a vibrant community, provide an immersive roleplay experience, and share the unique charm of Y2K streetwear with the Roblox platform. Established on March 13, 2022, teåbook is committed to bringing the colorful vibe of Y2K fashion to life.

Table of Contents

📑 Regulations

Regarding our rules, we aim to establish clear and effective guidelines to ensure our community operates smoothly and respectfully. Therefore, any disregard for the rules listed below will result in consequences.

Respect all members of the community. Bullying, harassment, discrimination, and disrespect in any form will not be tolerated. This includes criticism, derogatory comments, and hate speech.

Discrimination based on race, gender, religion, sexuality, ethnicity, etc., is strictly prohibited. Slurs and hate speech will result in an immediate ban.

Do not advertise or self-promote any other group without proper permission. This includes direct messages and public posts.

Personal Information
Sharing personal information is strictly forbidden. This includes doxing, leaking confidential information, and any form of personal data sharing.

Exploiting and Bypassing
Exploiting game mechanics or bypassing chat filters will result in a permanent ban. This includes any form of cheating or hacking.

Common Sense
Use common sense in all situations. If a rule isn’t explicitly stated but you know it’s wrong, don’t do it.

Looping and Ban Evasion
Attempting to evade bans or find loopholes in the rules will result in a permanent ban without the possibility of appeal.

🤝 Affiliate Information

This section of our Public Handbook details the prerequisites, our expectations for your group, and the questions your group must answer if you want to partner with teåbook. If your group does not meet one of our alliance requirements, you may still apply for consideration, as exceptions may be considered. The application must be sent in a Google Document to one of our Public Relation department members. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

‣ Your group must have at least 3,000 Roblox members and 1,000 Communications server members.
‣ Your group must be willing to communicate with teåbook and announce its events.
‣ Your group must be active on both Roblox and in your communications server.
‣ Your group must have a good, professional reputation on the platform.
‣ Your group must not sell any MR+ ranks or be a military-based group.


  1. Please link your Roblox group and communications server.
  2. How can your group benefit teåbook as an affiliate?
  3. What makes your group different from others?
  4. Do you agree to abide by all community and affiliate regulations?
  5. Be able to provide two representatives for your group.
👥Rank Information

Coming Soon!

⭐ Department Directory

This section provides detailed information about our two departments: Human Resources and Public Relations. Please refer to this part of the handbook when contacting our staff for specific events or situations. If you have any questions, please direct them to the appropriate department at teåbook.

Human Resources:
The Human Resources Department at teåbook is responsible for managing staff members, overseeing management, and handling all aspects of internal operations at teåbook. Contact anyone with the Human Resources role in our communications server for assistance.

Public Relations:
The Public Relations Department at teåbook is responsible for managing affiliated partners, organizing community events, and overseeing all external operations at teåbook. Contact anyone with the Public Relations role in our communications server for assistance.

The Design Department at teåbook is responsible for managing designers at teåbook. They oversee the creation of new collections and brands for teåbook clothing and UGC. Contact anyone with the Design role on communications server for assistance.

📄 Associate Application

To apply for a staff position at teåbook, simply submit an application through our communications server, available 24/7. You can express your interest at any time. As you advance through the ranks, you’ll gain more responsibilities, but primary duties include hosting sessions and engaging with the community. Applications are open to everyone, regardless of whether you’re a seasoned member or new to the group. However, your previous behavior and reputation will be considered in the selection process.


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Thank you for reading through the teåbook Public Handbook. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to an Executive Assistant or higher.

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