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Version 2

Most of you may know that inactivity has been quite obvious for a while at Teacana. Not much is going on in V1 and there hasn’t been much growth in the past few months. Despite our management and corporate teams working hard every day, the game doesn’t seem to fuel or progress the group. Some even call the game “dead”. Most of our resources and funding have been focused on the development of our upcoming project, Version 2.

So, what has been happening behind the scenes? This project has been in development for almost a year. Last summer, we hired someone to build the upcoming version, however, the outcome was not what we had hoped. We then proceeded to hire another builder a few months ago, which also did not turn out to our liking. After many months of failure to complete the actual build itself, we decided to take matters into our own hands. Truth is, the actual building for our current prototype started in December 2020.

The build was finished successfully to our liking. Our models finished around 10 months ago with no problems. As of now, the last and most difficult stage remaining for us is programming the game. This is also the part that we messed up big time when developing V1. Scripting was rushed and did not make the game interesting. For this version, since we have some ambitious plans, we know that it’s going to take a while. We don’t want to rush it.

The new version brings an improved experience to the table. When planning, we focused on what V1 failed to provide in order to brainstorm what V2 can provide. Teabux? Well, that was missing in V1, but is coming in V2! Mopping, an ordering system, eating animations, and more are also coming with the new version. A new training center will also be making its way soon, along with a new set of graphics!

The project is nearing completion. This newsletter was made to bring the Teacana community an update on the development of Version 2. We’ve been quiet about this lately and not hyping it up in order to not create disappointment. Though we don’t have an exact release date, we plan on premiering the build trailer and releasing paid beta access in a few weeks. I, the President of Teacana, appreciate how our community has been loyal over the past few months. I would especially like to thank the staff that has been working hard from day to day to provide us with the tiniest amounts of activity to keep the group running.

Sneak Peek

Beta Access

We have already selected a few beta testers out of our staff team to ensure the quality of the project before it releases to the public. We do have plans to release paid beta access when we are a few weeks close to finishing, but we’re not at that level yet. Paid beta will be at a fair price and players that purchase it will get an exclusive role in our Discord server.

Our Mission

Our mission coming forward with Version 2 is not to make something incredibly mindblowing, but to create an experience that our community can simply just enjoy. Our goal when designing this project was to solely work on improvement and not to create revolutionary features. Eventually, however, we may get to that point one day. Tiny steps first before big jumps.

Questions & Answers

Why has Version 2 taken so long?

We don’t want to rush a project that requires so much thought and work. We have taken our time in order to produce quality, not quantity.

Are there new recipes?

Most of our recipes and menu items have been based on V1, but there have definitely been some changes. Also, you won’t have to rely on remembering long recipes, because they will be provided in-game.

Will we keep our current gamepasses?

It is likely that gamepass data will not transfer to V2. However, people that have bought Teacana Premium in V1 may get to keep a role in the Discord server and still access the VIP lounge channel.

Will any ranks be changing?

Right before release, there is a possibility that we will demote all Senior Baristas one rank down so that they can be trained again. For the most part, ranks will mainly remain the same.

Does V2 lag?

There are some amounts of lag for lower-end devices due to some of the meshes. We have tried to reduce the lag as much as possible as we know it doesn’t make it convenient to play! We are unsure how the game will perform with more players in-game, but most of our beta testers have said that they don’t experience much lag.

Can you give us an estimate on when Version 2 will be finished?

We do not want to give empty promises, so unfortunately, no.

Aftermath of Version 2

When Version 2 finally releases, we plan on running more advertisements and growing the group to the fullest. We’re unsure of what to predict in the future, especially with the world recovering from the pandemic. We’re also not certain of the outcome that the project will provide for Teacana and whether it will be successful or not. We do not have plans to create a V3 any time sooner. However, whether V2 benefits us or puts us at disadvantage doesn’t matter to me. I’ll know for sure that we tried our hardest and gave in what we got.


For those still reading, give yourself a pat on the back. Thank you for being patient with us while we’re working hard behind the scenes! There will likely be more newsletters coming out in the future, so stay tuned. If you would like to receive frequent updates and news, please join our communications server located on our group page. :smiley:

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