Team Change Messages and Other Messages Stay In Place in Chatbox

Basically what’s happening with this bug is that any messages about team changes or any messages put in by developers that come up in the chatbox are immediately sent to the bottom of the chat and do not move, I’m not sure if this is intentional or not so I apologize if it is. Regular messages that players send are not stuck to the bottom of the page and do in fact move.
Normally this doesn’t happen and they flow with the chat as normal.

This bug has been occurring for me in a lot of the games I join, but only seems to occur in games that have messages put in by the developer, such as games like Vehicle Simulator that tell you when a crate has been dropped, or the game in the video below that tell you when a player joins. Other people have been getting it too as I’ve noticed when I join. I’m not sure exactly how to reproduce this bug, but here is a video of it happening.

Bug started happening today, this morning. If this is intentional I’d make it an option because this can be helpful with some things, but in this case is ruining the chatbox.

P.S I’m a builder and have not a lot of experience with scripting so if there’s any technical questions specifically about scripting I can’t answer a ton of them.

Thanks again!


I had this issue with System messages. My friend would join my server and the message from the System would stay at the bottom of the chat for a long time. It would go away when the chat history reaches its max logs. It also occurs with whispering to players.


Same thing happens to me.

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This was happening to me aswell, It’s extremely annoying as I am trying to concentrate on my friends text but the System message really confuses me. Looking forward to an explanation! :slight_smile:


Same thing happens when you whisper someone. It’ll stay as being the most “recent” message even though it’s not.

As you can see, the Whisper is long gone.

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Earlier on, the chat filter was having issues for a quick moment in a server I was in. The few unfiltered messages that stayed unfiltered also remained on the bottom like system messages do.

This should be fixed now. It was caused by a change intended to improve the performance of in-game chat.


Thanks Tiffany, chatbox is back to normal!

Appreciate it!

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