Team create "blocky" character

This plugin gives you a familiar character inside of studio!
The “Skin” of the character can be changed inside of the config menu and can be set to a texture

(if you have any suggestions, let me know!)


Could you put any screenshots? Seems interesting

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Looks nice! I think you should do a Roblox character version as well

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Ah, similar to Team Create with Hats - Roblox which shows your characters hat(s) with an arrow pointing the direction the builder is facing.


It take random skin ? Or real avatar of he’s roblox ?

Its a customizable skin based off of a decal

maybe do the real player skin too ? would be a good featur

I cant easily transform the players character into a skin format

This is cool! Kinda looks like a Minecraft character!

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that was the intent of the plugin!


Looks nice, but i have a question. Does everyone have to install the plugin to see the changes or only 1 user?

only 1 user! everyone in team create can see it

did you use the P6 rig?
just asking

Sorry for the bump, but am I doing something wrong? The configuration doesn’t show anything

It is showing the text for an image id, which is probably in a textbox. Something definitely looks wrong here though.

Oh wow I didn’t even see the text :skull: I litterly didn’t see any text but yeah shouldn’t I see anything else?

No idea. I can’t test the plugin right now because I’m on a different computer.

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