Team Create Camera (Not Working)

My friend and I are working in TC but I cannot see her camera moving and she can’t see mine. Is this a new known issue? It seems to have started a couple days ago. If anyone knows of a fix it would help me out a lot.

As you can see, she’s locked into 0,0,0 on my end.


Can you move your camera at all or is it just that she can’t see it? I know a solution to make the camera movable again but not on how to see it when it moves.

I can’t see her move and she can’t see me move. We can move locally.

You’re missing several of these steps here:

Please add these to your bug report.

This happens to me and my brother when I use my PC with Windows 7, but not when I use Windows 10.

Happened to us last night. We just made our own custom models via command bar. I think it came out pretty nice.


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This also happened to me last night in a team create, both of us could move around freely, but the ball and arrow to see the position of the other person wouldn’t move.

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Sorry I didn’t know it was enforced now.

happening here too