Team Create concurrent user cap increase

As a relative large studio, the current 30 concurrent user cap on Team Create server of Studio limits our development efficiency and team growth.

If Roblox can increase the limit to 50+, it would improve our development experience significantly.

Here are more details:

  • We currently have over 50 developers working on a game and the game has only one place.
  • Other than concept artist, pretty much everyone has to work directly in the place at a point. To be more specific, engineers and builders work most of the time in the place. Designers and testers work half of their time in the place but normally there are a lot of overlaps of their usage.
  • We are hitting 30 person cap constantly. There are some workarounds like taking turns or using branch places but they are super inconvenient and some workaround processes are very error prune.

Personally, I do not think that increasing the cap (for your use-case at least) is a wise idea. If you have multiple developers (especially the number you mention), you’re setting yourself up for failure. This can be quite easily remedied by utilizing Rojo, git and a repository.

Here’s what I would do in your situation:
Rojo → Each Developer has a place file stored → Each developer or sub-team represents a branch → Developers push code to branch → Code or Asset Review by more than one person → Continuous Integration (CI) through Github, Gitlab or BitBucket.

CI can do a loose syntax check for any common mistakes regarding Lua or Luau. You can also leverage Github actions by compiling the repo (using Rojo) as an output roblox place file and then, using a token to publish it to production with actual release versioning.

As much as I encourage team growth and efficiency, that’s just not something you’ll get with Team Create & Collaborative Edits. Look into ways you can scale without relying on features that are prone to break. There’s a very good reason as to why large teams on Roblox incorporate Rojo.

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Hi @sphinxshen thanks for your request Team Create concurrent user cap increase. As someone on the team that works on Team Create itself, I’m ecstatic to hear your team is working in a collaborative environment that regularly exceeds 30 people!

We’ve just raised the Team Create limit to 60. Let us know how it goes and if you run into any issues!


Working perfectly now. Thanks for doing that!


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