Team Create deletes work when studio forcibly closes on update

Each week (if not multiple times) when studio has an update, it is a disruptive event in our workflow. At best this results in studio abruptly force-closing multiple instances, at worst we lose hours of work.

Today we lost work because studio had an update, our scripter opened a new “RobloxStudio.exe” to copy a Model and this resulted in all of his other open sessions closing without any warning. Any WIP scripts were wiped.

Additionally, we usually ping everybody in our discord when studio has an update to let them know to be prepared for the mass shutdown of their studio instances. This is to give them a heads up to manually save work because we have been burned by this update flow too many times.

Expected behavior:

  • Studio does not close my places without me explicitly doing so or accepting a prompt

I’m a fan of what Windows does on Shutdown, it has apps that hold the shutdown from happening until you tell it to force-close them (or resolve it manually). This ensures the user is done with their work.


The same exact thing happened to me just now. For some reason studio also gave me a “Studio needs to update. Do you want to close?” type dialog after the program had already closed and I lost work.


I reported this a while back as well! This issue has disrupted my work flow for weeks - but the issue is actually resolved for myself with this most recent update being my example. I do agree it’s quite the issue at hand.

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Yeah, force closing with no prompt is not great. I thought Studio saved your work to prevent issues like this though. Do these scripts not show up in Script Recovery?

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This should be resolved with