Team create desyncing

Yesterday in team create Player A inserted an attachment but Player B did not see it. After copying and pasting the attachment, it was visible to both Players (developers).

We weren’t sure if we had done something weird until the bug was reproduced today in a separate place.
Player A could not see a model that Player B could see. When running Play Solo, the game would error for Player A due to the missing model, but not for Player B.

We had Player C join, and they also could not see the model.
Player A:
Player B & C: (notice the missing “StreetBike” model)

Player A: Windows 10
Player B: Mac
Player C: Windows 8.1 (apparently this exists)

Here is the placeid of where the bug occurred today. We could still see eachother’s cameras moving around in Team Create, and the green connection symbol at the top right corner was “Stable”.


Please always look at the team create connection indicator on the top right of studio, if it’s red, consider reconnecting to your Wi-Fi.

That’s how I fix mine.

OP’s connection is not the problem here.

My bad, for some reason I totally didn’t see that block of text.

@AbstractAlex Could you collect the Studio logs?
Also do you see this 100% reproducible for some specific model / place or it is sort of random?

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Seems random. Yesterday it happened to 2 devs in World // Zero’s development place with an Attachment, and then thismorning it happened to me in Robloxian High School’s dev place with a Model.

So to resolve the issue you do copy/paste of the model which didn’t replicate to other users right?

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Correct! It then appears for other users

So, can we get log files? from the Studio session that had this issue?

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Also where did you get this model? is it from the toolbox or is it a copy from other place? Is it always happening with this model or again it is random

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I copied it from another place that I was working on it separately. Nothing special about this model really, it’s a low-partcount bike. This bug also happened with an Attachment as mentioned so it’s possible the Instance type isn’t related

I’ve also been experiencing desyncing on my team create games.

We’ve turned off some functionality, that could be the cause of this issue
Please report if you encounter the problem again

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This is still an issue, noticed it (again) as of yesterday and continuing today.