Team create: infinite requesting access

My co worker and I cant reach out data because the team create place doesn’t load.
We are both stuck on this screen:

Its not a loading issue, I left it to ‘request access’ for over an hour. No change.

It would be nice to get a fix.


After waiting for a while and then pressing cancel it brings up an error message saying unable to load game.

I refresh and try to go in again and it opens a new studio because apparently a place is already opened in the current studio window [ when there isn’t any ]

I updated my studio today to make sure its not an issue with an old studio version, but, still does it.

I reported this problem a while back guess I have no idea how I fixed it.

What’s the place having problems?

when ever i try and jump into the game, im left on a loading screen

Also having issues – don’t think it’s place-specific, as sometimes I can load up the place easy, while others it’s slow. I was able to eventually get in after ~5 minutes, but I’m not sure if this is the same problem. It seems to be time-related as restarting Studio/my computer doesn’t fix the issue, but if I try an hour or so later it may work. The output may provide some clues as to what’s going on:

What’s intriguing is “ClassDescriptor” and the autosave message imply that there is a place loaded. “Place1” is generally used for new local files though, rather than cloud-based places, so I’m not sure if TeamCreate creates a dummy place file first before loading in the TC place (implementation idiosyncrasy) or it points to where the process is freezing up.

Also, sometimes if I wait I’ll get the following error instead of the place loading (maybe a timeout?):

Edit: It seems when I connect when this is an issue, the autosaving when the last player leaves doesn’t work either. The changes I made were lost when I opened up the place again. I wasn’t in it long enough for there to be any other autosaves.