Team Create is stuck on "Connecting to Server"

Hey there,

Just for starters, I do not have access to #bug-reports, so since this is most likely something with code, this is the next best option.

I started a new project over the last few days, been going pretty good and all, until today, Team Create suddenly crashes out of nowhere.

I am baffled, I look up what could’ve caused this, and found that most people point at either rebooting your PC, reinstalling Studio or running it as Administrator.

None of those work for me.

Now, the thing is, that it’s highly unlikely that the error is on my side, as my internet (400mbps fiber connection) runs totally fine on games like Modern Warfare 2019, with ping averaging about 20.

At this point I am really confused on what is happening, because I never encountered such issue.

This is what I see:

Does anyone encounter this issue? Is this a fault on Roblox’s side?

Thanks for anyone that could suggest ANYTHING on how to fix this, it really limits (or prevents me from) my ability to create.

You’re already connected, this is just a log message that outputs when you connect to a Team Create. The reason as to why? No idea, I don’t think it should be outputting anyway.

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Right, but usually there comes a few more things after that, right? I never really paid attention to output too much, but it doesn’t crash anymore! Wahooey!

I’ve only gotten that message when connecting to a team create. No others

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Oh, how confusing. Oh well, at least it doesn’t crash anymore, or so it seems to look like.

Is it a “You have lost connection…” or a full on “An unexpected error…”
To be honest, the new ui update has caused me some issues and as had me crash a lot. So if you had “an unexpected error occurred” then it could be part of the reason.

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It’s “You have lost connection to bla bla”, but yet again, the UI Update has for some reason been reverted… I got the new UI, then one day it suddenly disappeared.

The ui update went live, they just removed the new icons among other things for now. Lost connection is interesting, but at least you aren’t disconnecting anymore.

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Yeah, thankfully not much of my progress was lost. If it was, my day would be ruined :confused:

I’m getting exactly this problem, and I posted my own topic about this.
When I load into any game in studio, I can’t do anything.
Sometimes, if I wait long enough, the ‘Connecting to server’ will turn into a
message that tells me that if the problem persists, I should contact customer support.

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@Bug-Support charsssssssssssss

Yeah, same here, though thankfully for me it stopped crashing.

Sorta offtopic but has anyone figured out how to completely disable TeamCreate? Sucks having these errors + long loading times + weird script editor restrictions when I accidentally enabled it.

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I don’t think you can, I tried to do it, but I couldn’t find anything to disable it. You can only disable team create for other people that you have added.

This is false information. You can disable Team Create by doing this:

View > Team Create > Following Screenshot

As I said, I didn’t think you could :neutral_face:

Best not to assert what you do not have knowledge of. Regardless though, now you know.