Team Create Limited Invitations

is the thing below me a requirement or something? idk i dont think it makes sense but ok

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to decline team create invitations.

Current Platform

With the new ROBLOX Studio update, you are able to view all the places you were added into via team create. Additionally, only players who have you on the friends are able to invite you to the team create, which upon doing, will show up under the shared games tab in your studio.

notice so many pathwaysbball places hahahaha

The Issue

With this new update, anyone under your friends list can add you to the team create that you don’t want to be in or have no contributions to it, and will end up showing up in your shared games. Some “friends” might even go too far and spam? (no instances about this yet)

I personally limited my friends list to strictly 9 players to prevent basically anyone adding me to team creates (because of that PM you get) and other reason not relevant to this.

Old Proposed Solution

The Fix

I’m suggesting maybe a place in studio and (not or) on the roblox website where you there is a list of team create invitations and whether you can accept or decline (like friend requests). Additionally, if you have a bunch, there could be a search option to search for places that you want to accept/join.

i never checked, is there a way to leave a team create? if not that could also be a suggestion

New Proposed Solution (as suggested by @SummerEquinox)

In the settings tab, there could be an option where the user can select who can invite them to a team create, such as who can trade and the other options there. (Who can add me to Team Create?)

Additionally, there could be an option to type in a username as to who is allowed to invite the user, just like how VIP Servers are done. This way, someone could just reject everyone, but specific users that they develop with. After all, not all my friends are developers.


People usually don’t want to add friends unless there is a real reason, especially when they have hard worked game code and models that could be easily stolen.

Best you could do is unfriend them. I don’t really mind friends adding me and the private messages to me aren’t really a big of a deal.

Currently, there is no possible way to leave team create except just not joining the game. This might be a good feature to add too.

I totally agree with this in a way, but at the same time, it doesn’t really prevent that PM to go to your messages as you would be flooded with more of them.

A leaving team create feature might just be better for the long haul :stuck_out_tongue:

The statement I made is referring to the current system, not a suggestion.

Even after unfriending them, your page will still be overloaded with the games you were invited to with team create. In my picture above, there’s two instances (keith and arcticrex) shown where I don’t have the players as a friend anymore, but I am still in the team create.

This idea was intended to prevent getting added to random team creates and getting our studios tab paged spammed, putting the important places down below. I don’t care about PMs as much either.

The team create server was not shut off, but I see what you’re saying.

You might wanna stick to what you’re saying, you seem to care about the PMs then not after that. If you could explain what you mean in the PMs a little better to help me understand what you’re trying to say.

Ok well, what I was trying to say is that when I open up my PMs, I don’t typically mind receiving PMs from other users, but if it’s constantly a ROBLOX pm about a team create, it can get pretty annoying after a while.

Also, I did include “and other reason not relevant to this.” in the original statement :stuck_out_tongue:
but that isn’t rlly the point tho tbh?

As much as this feature may seem useful, I don’t think it really has any real grounding for being an important issue. You usually only add friends who want to develop with you in the first place, and so they shouldn’t need a reason to ‘decline’ your invitation.

I think a more suitable solution would be to have a “Who can invite me to Team Create sessions” option in your settings.

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People like to add people as friends (like me before, but I stopped due to 200 people limit). When I was thinking of this request, I was taking into account about other developers who have random friends they accepted (fans?). At this point, the idea of re-adding people that want to be on my friends list is being diminished after the thought of this team create and whatnot.

Also, when I actively participated in roleplay communities, I added people that were relevant to me in the roleplaying aspect so that they could follow/PM me (at the time when my PMs were private), not necessarily for development.

Even so, I don’t think an entire system for accepting and declining is necessary, I would (once again) suggest a “Who can invite me to Team Create” section in your settings.

I apologize for passing over this in your previous post.

That is also a good solution… actually, a better solution than my proposed one. Do I just edit this forum or should I make a different one, I’m sorta confused now :confused:

Edit: I’ve updated the thread with the newer proposed solution. Thanks @SummerEquinox