Team Create Out Of Sync

I first noticed this bug when I opened studio this morning but I haven’t been in this team create for a few days so it may have begun earlier. For whatever reason, the work that one of my team members was doing is visible for him but not for anyone else (see image).

Studio Version: 0.444.0.0409999 (for both)

Restarting studio does not appear to fix the issue. I had him copy + paste his build which caused it to become temporarily visible for others but it quickly disappeared again. It may also be important to note that the parts do not exist for anyone but him and cannot be selected in addition to not being visible. As well, these are normal parts and not unions or meshes.

edit: it appears as if their build is visible in-game for everyone, just not in studio


Could you and the dev you are working with dm me your Studio logs? How to post a Bug Report - #12 by Roblox


This just happened to my team today. I was able to solve the issue rather quickly, although it might not work in everyone’s situation.

A fellow developer had a vehicle that he inserted into the game via File > Open From File.

I could not see it, although he DM’ed me a picture of the vehicle. He said his brother also couldn’t see it, so I figured that we might be able to see it if he inserted it using another method. I suggested that he open the Game Explorer window to import it as an asset, and sure enough, it popped right in. You might be able to save the desired build to a .rbxm file and import it via Game Explorer. It might work :man_shrugging:


In our case the build that wasn’t visible for us was made entirely in that studio file, it wasn’t inserted in anyway. However, I checked back on the build after reading this and the issue now appears to be gone, I can see what he made just fine. I really have no idea what fixed it as nothing has changed since I last checked AFAIK. Regardless, thanks for the suggestion, hopefully this issue is done now.

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The issue you were talking about just happened today, and it was also made entirely in studio. Something showed on my screen, but not for my teammates. They asked if I deleted it and I said no and he replaced it. Now that he replaced it, his replacement is inside of the part that doesn’t appear on his screen but it appears on mine.

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This issue is now reoccuring, ROBLOX Studio also starts to use absurd amounts of network usage and when I attempt to exit studio I’m prompted with a screen telling me that it’s in the progress of syncing, this loading screen never stops, other times I have to force close out of studio as it doesn’t let me exit.

I’m also experiencing issues with this- all of last evening I was unable to publish due to studio suddenly claiming a lack of connection to server. I even left it on over night hoping it would finally sync, never did, finally had to close studio without saving. Ran into issues this morning trying to ‘re-publish’ to that team create as well before I finally seemed to have overcome it. Opening a different team create game did not have issues.

@Sekuriyo @ph33sh This bug report is marked as solved by the first poster, would you mind filing a new one with all the bug report details? That way one of our teams can take a look. Many thanks in advance!

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