"Team Create reconnect failed" error whenever joining / testing in a Team Create session

Hello everyone! I am currently creating a game with a friend of mine via Team Create but whenever I enter the map or when I test the game an error message appears: “Team Create reconnect failed. Unable to fetch game settings data.”


This happens with all games with Team Create enabled.

Already turned the whole Studio trying to fix this, already uninstalled and installed studio 2 times, I came here in the forum and see if there was any similar error, but did not find.

This error I think started a month ago, I did not worry much at first, since I do not use much Team Create, but lately this error has been making it unbearable to mecher with Team create.

Log File: log_AE793_1.txt (12.7 KB)

Already checked and is not my internet, who might be helping me, would be very grateful!


@Duelan_BR, could you share the place url and collect Studio logs (%AppData/Local/Roblox/logs)?


Log File: log_AE793_1.txt (12.7 KB)