Team Create Script Recovery -- Open both copies in some kind of diff tool

As a developer, it is currently too hard to compare in-place and backup version of scripts when using Script Recovery.

A great way to solve this would be some sort of diff tool support, even if it was just an optional setting that determines what program to open and with what arguments. For those unaware, a diff tool shows the differences between two files. This is commonly used when merging two possibly incompatible files.

With Script Recovery, it’s not always clear which file is newer: the backup, or the one in the place. With a diff tool this would be easy. Here’s an example of what Meld looks like comparing two files:

Looking in Meld, it’s clear that the file on the right is newer, since it has a new method and uses the new :Destroy instead of :Remove

Settings could be similar to how git handles diff tool settings, which allows the user to use any diff tool they want: