Team Create silently disconnected me for 2 days and erased my work

I was working in a place for 2 days and I noticed one of my scripts reverted to print('Hello world!') every time I went into play solo and back. So I re-opened the place and everything I had changed in the past 2 days was reverted (team create never notified me of a disconnect or anything)

I was the only person using this place during this 2 day period.

Yes I saved my work locally, otherwise I would be a lot more upset right now. I don’t really know what other information to provide besides the fact that this does happen and is extremely concerning.

DM for placeid if necessary.


Seen this happen to me too but never to the point of losing 2 days worth of work

Team Create! Slithering in!! DISCONNECT OUTTA NOWHERE!!

Are you on Mac? the macOS build of studio is terribly unstable right now, and I’m having this issue very frequently.

Nope, new PC build w/ windows 10.

I don’t develop on a mac because I don’t think studio even works properly on the 2016 macbooks yet (oh hey you made that thread)

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Had this same issue; a whole days worth of work did not save on a TeamCreate server. Luckily, my dev partner had our progress in his RecentSaves folder. Was not there for me, I was livid at the time.

Was your partner connected? In my case I was the only one connected for the entire 2 days so if someone else had connected / moved stuff I might not have seen it since I suspect the issue I experienced is a silent disconnect.

Managed to get the place into the same broken state.

Seems to be related to putting my PC into sleep mode at night I assume? (I never did this on my old PC because it didn’t have as many LEDs)

Still says I’m connected, nothing in output related to team create either.

Symptom Log:

  • Created a script
  • Change script name
  • Changed script source
  • Pressed Play
  • Script changed to default hello world state and executed (so it printed hello world)
  • Stop play solo
  • Script still exists (name change still persists) but source is hello world.
  • Reconnecting to team create brings me back to where I was before putting my PC in sleep it seems (none of the new scripts I made exist, and any code changes are reverted)

It is worth noting I have other team create places that I leave connected when putting my PC in sleep (places that have more than just me connected) and they continue to work fine afterwards. So I’m not sure if the issue is due to a singular connection or is somehow related to this placeid.

This issue is still happening.

Seems to occur after putting PC in sleep mode but not 100% of the time like it seemed to before
Connection status indicator says I’m connected


  • Make a change to a script
  • Press play solo
  • Script will revert to what it was before you made the edit

Gif of issue:

We had issues with a Team Create place which kept losing work.
Luckily for most we had people working in it who autosaved the work.

Personally I never leave it in ‘sleep’ mode after that started happening. I just started clicking the File > Save to Roblox button and shutting my Studio session down.