Team Create stuck on "Connecting to server" forever

I’ve been having this issue for over a week now on this place:

It’s a team create place that used to work fine until I started adding in a 1000x100x1000 part and resizing it around smooth terrain. After that it would keep disconnecting me and never reconnecting. After a minute or so it just says “Disconnected” and boots me.



I’m getting the same problem, however it just says Connecting to server when I load in and then does nothing :confused: I can still work on the place, but can’t with multiple people


Same thing happening to me; team create often has these connection issues pop up out of the blue here and then and it’s brutal.


This issue has been haunting me for the last week or so. I have never been able to access team create due to it connecting to the server forever.

This problem seems to happen at random times, I’ve been locked out of my own place now too.

I also have had the same issue starting yesterday where I could load into the place but its stuck on connecting to server forever.

Don’t forget to make backups of your place on your pc. That can save alot!