Team Create studio widget force-enables itself if docked

I have the Team Create widget docked to studio:

The lower left widget group and the explorer/game group remember my last widget selection and whenever I open up Studio next, those are the widgets that are active. Since docking team create in the explorer/game group, that still happens, but whenever I open up a place, the team create widget force-shows itself. It’s a minor annoyance, but can be especially noticeable when you’re working in non-team-create places most of the time.

Repro: dock the team create widget in an occupied group, select another widget in that group, and then exit studio. Reopen studio and find that the widget you last selected is active, but open a new or existing place to find that the team create widget force-activates itself.

Expected behavior: If team create is not the active widget, it should stay inactive, and not show itself to me until I manually activate it by clicking its tab in the group.

That’s interesting. I’ll add that to our bug list.

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