Team Create With Characters - Roblox Plugin Feedback

I am currently working on various games and projects. However, I think once in a while, we all need something new. That is why I have decided to start learning about and creating plugins. Originally, I assumed this would be pretty difficult, I didn’t even know if they used Lua. Well, it turns it, that it’s just as easy as making a Roblox game!

Recently, I have made a plugin that brings your Roblox character into Roblox team create. I am looking forward to pushing out updates with WAY MORE features, as this is a nice concept
but too simplistic.
However, I think this is a good starting point. Please give your feedback, thoughts, etc. here.

Grab yourself a copy for R$ 100: Team Create with Characters - Roblox

(Keep in mind, I may change the price depending on how many more features I will be adding, please give suggestion and feedback on pricing as well!)


Tho it’s a nifty fun little plugin other plugins that are very similar tend to get it the way of development… for example a random folder in the workspace holding the accessories/character(s) might be thought to be junk gets deleted by another person in the TC, causing a bunch of errors spamming your output.

Other then that yeh nice plugin :+1:

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Yea, I’ve considered and ran into that issue with some developers… lol, but when it is deleted, I automatically add it back, also planning on despawning it on studio disconnect and on play tests, as well as preventing it from being in game from auto saves.

this is a pretty cool plugin skrrrt ya yeet amigo

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Thanks! I know it’s pretty simple, but I will be updating it!