Team Econimal Presents: Spheres Of Fury

Spheres Of Fury is finally finished!

What is Spheres Of Fury?
Spheres Of Fury is based on an older game called Survive The Spheres by the user ss1122. For those who don’t know of that game: It was a game in which man-eating spheres would multiply and chase after you. If you won, you would gain points that allowed you to increase either your speed and/or jump power.

Well, what’s so different from the original?
We’ve modernized this wonderful concept with an amazing, fun lobby with unique and stunning maps! We also added tons of new features and content such as:

  • Sphere Types
  • Smarter Spheres
  • Power Ups
  • Events
  • Ranking
  • And Much More To Come

Future plans?
Our main priority is optimizing the game to run a lot more smoother and be heck of a lot nicer to the server, but here’s a list of what’s to come:

  • More Sphere Types
  • More Maps
  • New Game Modes
  • Cosmetic Items
  • More Power Ups

We’ve worked for about a year on perfecting this game and we’re really proud of it. We wanted to make it enjoyable for everyone! If anyone here has feedback we’d love to hear it! Thanks for reading!

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Pictures or a video? People are lazy :slight_smile:


I loved that game. I think it was one my first badges.

Looks neat. Played it on mobile.