Team Instance Icon is Incorrectly Displayed on Dark Mode

Reproduction Steps

There are no reproduction steps for this as it is just a small oversight that should be fixed.

Expected Behavior

The team instance icon should not look like this and should look unique to the Teams service.

Actual Behavior

On dark mode (never checked light mode, but to tell me if this is also a light mode issue), the team instance icon is incorrectly displayed as Screenshot 2022-12-02 160352. This is a small issue, but still odd.

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Display
Impact: None
Frequency: Constantly

Update (Dec 5th, 2022)
According to @SnowyStxrm, this bug isn’t in light mode. I ensured that it states that it was a dark mode issue in the title.

I also clarified that this is the team instance and not the teams service.


Note: This is not replicated on light mode.

Looks fixed

No the Team, not the Teams icon. In light mode, the Team icon is two people. In dark mode, however, it’s the same as the Teams icon.

Thanks for confirming! I was sure that this issue was not on light mode, so it was possible they missed it. I updated the title to clarify.

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Thanks for the sharp eyes and bug report! This has been sent to the team and will be addressed.

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Cleaning up old issues - this was fixed during a previous icon update. Thanks!

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