Team of scripters needed for Zombie game

Hello, I’m wanting to produce a black ops 1 zombies type game, with added mechanics like more guns, perks, maps, and many different features like levels and an attachment system for guns.

I am only able to make game assets and maps, and have already produced many guns, so I’m looking for scripters for the following tasks:

Gun scripting/ Animating
Gun attachment system
Lobby and XP system
Zombie programming/ animation
Points system, weapon upgrade system

You can contact me via the forum or directly through roblox. Please let me know what tasks you’re able to complete skillfully.

Payment wise I can either provide pay in robux or USD via paypal depending on preference.

PLEASE NOTE: I do not have very much time to produce this game, I am very limited with time. Either the game must be finished before November 15 (which I understand is unlikely), but if production exceeds the deadline, production will have to remain unfinished for 3 months and possibly longer. Even after then I am not sure I will ever be able to finish because I will be serving on active duty and most likely very busy.


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