Team Only Door - (Uncopylocked)

So this is just, very easy to make/use and just a basic one.

Good Thing

  • Easy to use
  • Actually work
  • Don’t need a scripting experience
  • With an open and close system

Perfect to use in:

  • Team-Based game
  • Roleplay game

Folder: Team Door - Roblox
Tutorial: How to Make a Team Door! - Roblox Studio - YouTube
NOTE: This system is designed to make door can only be opened/closed for a specified team. Meaning if it opened the other team can enter.
Hope This Helps!


You should specify whether this uses CanCollide or CollisionGroups in the post.

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Looking in the code it uses CanCollide


He has stated that this is a “basic” script. So, which do you think would be more suited to a basic script? CanCollide or CollisionGroups?


Nice thumbnail. :grin:

Jokes aside, next time you could give
more clarity on the video tutorial.

Otherwise, nice!

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