Team Pages, Compensation Filtering, and Moderation Improvements on Talent Hub

Bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Now all you have to fix is “post filtering”…
My post was shadowbanned from everyone execpt me. Nobody wants to apply and it is CLEARLY visible. I cannot believe i wasted my time on some shadowbanned post. Congrats roblox, please fix it


Here’s some food for thought:

Maxwell Edison
This is cool but seems extremely unnecessary. This isa hiring page NOT a promotional page - in this case you should be fine just linking the main group & mentioning the others, as it’s more than enough for those looking for work to understand & research into more if they need to.

I agree with this guy, use it as a hiring page if that’s what it’s for…? Why can’t we do job posts under groups for people that are added to the “team page?”

That would be much better for hiring than having multiple different accounts make different job posts for the group and have to link the group separately and make it all confusing.

Here's what the page looks like now:

Here's what the page could look like if the job posts were laid out similarly to a creator page:

Here's what the page could look like if the job posts were laid out how everything else is on the team page:


Major UX improvement idea. (I don’t have Talent Hub Feature Requests posting access.) Payment DIRECTLY through the Talent hub. This would be a major improvement to UX, as waiting weeks to be paid for a commission is terrible UX.


Forum categories felt more like creative people showcasing their work and the viewer showing interest. I’d literally go on there just to see what other people were up to.

On the talent hub, it feels like a bunch of kids hiring kids that want to target the spending habits of other kids. Verification, which is probably the most important thing, isn’t a requirement. There’s almost no regulation or safeguard to understanding if you’re being employed by a literal kid from half-way across the world or if you’ll get scammed.

As of right now, any child predator can create an unverified account on Roblox, find a job posting, pretend to show interest and prey on a bunch of kids. It’s a direct line. If that isn’t terrifying, idk what is.

It’s irresponsible and I’m surprised that it’s complaint with COPPA. Lots of effort was put into this but, ultimately, it’s a pointless product.


When will we be able to make job posts from our group, also like how @ValiantWind said to

Let us link our Discord and Guilded account

Hello Creators,

We really appreciate all your feedback over the holidays and into the New Year! I just wanted to update the community that the ‘Open to Hire’ filter functionality mentioned in this post is live!

Open To Hire

We launched the Open to Hire feature we had announced in this post. Now

  1. Studios can easily mark themselves as Open to Hire and describe what they are hiring for.
  2. Creators can easily search Studios to see who is hiring based on which Studios have toggled on ‘Open to Hire’.

We hope this will be a huge help in helping Creators easily understand what opportunities are available for them.

Team Page marked as Open to Hire

Being able to filter Teams by those ‘Open to Hire’

Thanks again for your continued patience and support with this product!

Happy hiring,

Creator Resources Team

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