Team Pages, Compensation Filtering, and Moderation Improvements on Talent Hub

Hello Creators!

The Creator Resources team has been working tirelessly to make Talent Hub the best way to easily find people to collaborate with, and grow your team. The work we have done is driven by a combination of feedback from you, as well as our vision to enable all forms of collaboration in a safe environment.

We have hit an exciting milestone in this endeavor, with a triple-feature launch going out this week! The first is a fundamental new building block to Talent Hub (Team Pages), the second is adding one of the biggest feature requests from the community (Compensation Filtering), and the third addresses one of the biggest community pain points (Moderation).

Let’s dive on into what these three features mean for Talent Hub!

Represent your team on Talent Hub

Talent Hub is all about forming great teams - and now, you can represent this team directly within Talent Hub through Team Pages!

This fundamental new building block will allow you to:

  1. Create a Team Page off of a Group that you own.

  2. You can then fill out this Team Page with information on the team, the Experiences and Assets the team has worked on, as well as the members within it. Team Pages also include all the social links available on your Group, allowing you to show off your communities and social accounts from around the internet.

Now as a Job Seeker, you can search for your favorite team and studios by skills and see from their Description if they are hiring. We are also going to be adding the ability to filter Teams by the

  1. Genre of Experience they specialize in

  2. ‘Open to Hire’ toggle similar to the current ‘Open to Work’ toggle

This is only the beginning of Team Pages, and we’re excited about the future. We are working towards giving Creators the ability to post and apply for jobs on behalf of Teams so that larger groups can collaborate on the hiring process itself.

Find Jobs with a specific compensation amount

There are lots of different jobs posted to Talent Hub, but we understand that you as a Creator will most likely want to find a specific type of job that is relevant to you. This is why we have expanded the compensation fields on every job, giving Job Posters the ability to define a compensation (for example, $100) for every Job Posting in addition to just the type of compensation (Robux, Currency, Revenue %).

Posting A Job with A Compensation Amount

This means that when searching for jobs, you can filter Job Postings by this compensation amount so they can narrow down their search to jobs paying above or below a certain threshold.

Filtering Job Postings by Compensation Amount

Moderation is quicker and more upfront

It is imperative that Talent Hub is a safe environment to find collaborators, but this doesn’t have to impede on the ability to find them in the first place. When you go to post an update to your Creator Page, Job Post or Team Page, you will notice that you may be told before completing the update that the content doesn’t adhere to the Talent Hub rules - with the specific piece of content highlighted. This will make it a lot easier to ensure that your content abides by the rules.

Additionally, you will notice that content posted on Talent Hub will often (but not always) complete moderation a lot faster than before. If your content is flagged by moderation, the alert you receive will now also include more information on why it was flagged, and how to resolve the issue.


How do I add an Experience or Asset to my Team Page?

Why are Team Pages built off of Group Pages?

  • Recognizable studios are often worried about copycats on the platform, so currently for Team Pages we wanted to make sure no one could create a Team Page with your studio’s name on it other than you.

    For this reason, Team Pages can only be created off of Groups you are the owner of. So if you are the owner of a recognizable group, only you can create the Team Page for that Group and once you create the Team Page, you cannot change the name or thumbnail of the Team Page.

What does total compensation mean?

  • We know that there are all kinds of compensation provided by Creators, full-time jobs paid yearly or monthly, as well as one-time payments for a commission project. What the total compensation amount is meant to capture is how much is a Creator going to be compensated upon completion of the project.

    For full-time multi-year Job Postings, feel free to post the yearly salary amount and specify in the Compensation details text field that this is a yearly compensation amount.

Thank you so much for your continued support of Talent Hub! Please let us know if you have any questions! We’d love to hear what you think about these updates, and what you would like to see as we head into next year.

Happy hiring,
Creator Resources team


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Here are some suggestions for what to do next:

  • L i g h t M o d e

  • Allow us to add a link that leads to our GitHub Profile AND one that leads to our LinkedIn Profile.

    Something like this:

  • Add Markdown Support for our Job Status Details

  • Add the ability to upload videos to job posts and our portfolio experience section instead of just images

  • Custom Websites


For some reason this message appears when adding an experience to a group when the experience is owned by a group.

Because you’re using the Place ID instead of the experience ID (aka the Universe Id)


I like this but have some feedback:

  • Total payment should allow for a range to be inputted rather than a hard amount as payment can change based on a variety of factors (including who we end up hiring).
  • We should be able to combine multiple payment types. e.g.“We are offering x Robux or y USD”

GitHub. Social. Link. on profiles



Teams should be able to put their own website, Github, and LinkedIn on their team’s page. All are important things a potential applicant may want to see if they are applying for a job.


@thelastavatar983 On the note of moderation - is there any possibility of allowing references to discord in profile bios? My discord is a legitimate method of contacting me if someone is interested in hiring me or working with me. I should not be limited from listing that contact method!

Guilded is blocked as well.


If you create a team from a big group, you cannot add people who joined at any point beyond the limited amount of people the dropdown for the Members tab displays.

I currently cannot add any of my team’s members because there is a very limited sample for the members list, even when typing their username.


Hey, overall great changes & additions to the talent hub. A few bits of feedback & requests:

If my studio operates under multiple groups, do I have to make a separate team page per group?

I would highly recommend a feature allowing customized (not tied down to any one group) teams. Take Big Games, for example - a very well established studio with over 25,490,000 total members. Does such a studio need to have a different teams page per every group they own?

This would mean 5 teams pages… for one studio. Clunky, to say the least.

Why not allow users to create specialized teams, where they can link experiences and groups from anything they own, instead of tying it all down to a single group and its relative experiences? This would give a more accurate description of the studio’s size, reach, and credibility.

A concept of this:

Allowing studios to combine their games and groups under their team page (even games from their other groups) would add a lot of credibility/show past studio experience. Combining “Big Games Pets” (90k+ concurrent users, billions of visits) with “Big Games” experiences (thousands of concurrent users, billions of visits) shows the true scope and reach of the studio.

I would like to see a way to link games & groups under one studio entity. This is currently doable with user profiles - why wouldn’t it be doable for teams? This would help any studio, large or small, with games under multiple groups.

I would 100% use a feature like this, as I imagine many others would.


I think it would be great if you added a Guilded Link to the options. But it’s a good update!


Can someone from Roblox explain the actual rationale behind putting resources into the Talent Hub?

Maybe I am missing something but, I simply don’t understand. Roblox is meant to be a platform where people can create. When you open “jobs” and use these weird terms where children are involved and can possibly get “hired” by other children, it seriously, and I am being as transparent as possible, feels like we’re heading to some hybrid child-labor thing. Is that what it’s supposed to be? A virtual indeed-based platform for kids to employ kids?

Before anyone jumps to the gun here and thinks that I am part of whatever campaign labeling Roblox as some mega horrible corporation employing children, I am not. But, this right here, seriously makes me reconsider my stance.

I think a lot of people on this platform think about this and parrot “opportunity” because, they haven’t had a traditional job outside of this platform. Form of payment is important. If you’re paying someone in robux, you get automatically taxed through devex (correct me if I am wrong). If someone is paying me in USD, you have to follow federal legislation or its considered financial fraud. From what I can see, there’s nothing in here that protects against that which is highly concerning. Bigger studios that have the resources to incorporate legitimately are probably more compliant but, smaller studios, I’m not so sure. It seems really fishy.

I get that best-judgement applies here but, if your target demographic aligns where majority haven’t had a traditional job… let alone a corporate experience, what judgement really is there?

This is scary. Most groups / people on this platform aren’t at the age where they can sign legal documents on their own or enforce any. If anything, most groups on this platform lack regulation or control to take people to court. If they’re international, legal action is practically off the table. Not to mention, incredibly expensive.

Why would I create a posting on the Talent Hub (knowing that I can’t verify an age which can land me in quite a bit legal trouble) vs. avoiding all of that and moving to actual Indeed or LinkedIn? i.e a philosophy that discredits the point of the Talent Hub for anyone that takes this line of work seriously.

I fail to see how this is a safe environment. If a posting looks legitimate and is on the talent hub and then, I get scammed, flagging that post is irrelevant because I’ve already been scammed. This brings it back to the legal documentation issue.

There’s no real regulation to make sure that:

  • Those who post are in-fact not scamming me
  • Those verified can still scam people and can’t be tracked (according to Roblox, verified IDs aren’t stored anywhere)
  • Majority isn’t verified
  • Ages aren’t known
  • Point of contact is arbitrary & outright unknown (virtual avatar doesn’t count)

Couple scenarios

If I am a kid, I can’t sign any legal documents on my behalf and even if I did, it wouldn’t hold up in court. The most it would be is some sort of unethical scare-tactic. Are we really trying to do that?

If I am an adult, I can sign a legal document on my behalf in writing. However, the person who sends me a document may or may not be of age to enforce one. Pigeon-holing myself with a possible kid sounds absolutely terrifying.

If I am able to legally sign a document, the jurisdiction of where the rules are enforced are completely arbitrary. If I am in the US, a single person and I give a possible contractor an NDA, if they were to break the NDA, I wouldn’t have the resources to go after them.

If I found a listing on the Talent Hub and I decided to take it & then, find out that it’s some 14 year old from Brazil, what the hell am I supposed to do? Seems pretty suspect if you ask me. You could say the opposite where a kid took a job from a 20 year old. That feels even worse. I get that talent is talent but, social norms and possible federal persecution is a real thing. A kid can lie and just about everyone will believe a kid over an adult. Especially in a case like that. Is the adult at fault if there’s no indication of age before contact was made? Some kids can write / type like an adult. It’s hard to tell without talking to them in a voice call or something of that nature. Even then, voice changers and such exist.

Regardless, I get that Roblox shouldn’t provide legal advice because they’re not a legal entity & it creates liability but, I guarantee that almost no one using this platform is consulting a lawyer before signing any documents.

This platform feels like a catalyst to three things:

  1. Lack of trust
  2. Possible intentional abuse
  3. Possible cheap child labor
  4. Legal implications

From an adult standpoint, it’s a bit weird and almost disgusting to see an online “industrialization” of child labor. There’s certain lines that shouldn’t be crossed when being a site that grew because it was an online playground for children. To me, this feels like those lines have been crossed & almost normalized (?).

The DevForum category I felt was perfect. It felt friendly & more collaborative. Most importantly, it didn’t feel like I was going into much risk. This feels like I am signing my rights away to a kid or if I push a job post up, I am fueling the cycle of possibly using a child as cheap labor.

There are some seriously bad actors when applying for jobs as an adult. Your brain is much more developed to make rational decisions and to properly navigate listings. Hell, some studios on this platform ran by adults can’t keep it together & start suing each other on Twitter. Entrusting that much to a child with very little oversight because Roblox wants to be as clear of liability as possible is outright irresponsible. If you’re a real company on this platform & you take your business seriously, I don’t think that their target demographic is going to be using this platform. Most have their own site & job listings. As part of that demographic, I don’t think I would take a company seriously if they posted on here. Implications are a tough pill to swallow.

I hate to be that guy but, no one has talked about any of these points and it feels really, really concerning.


You make excellent points, but how is this worse than the older #collaboration category in terms of ethics? Doesn’t your points still apply in #collaboration and what makes it different here?
I’m not disagreeing, but expanding on this more should get the point across.


I think this is a good update for the Talant hub, but why cant we update our team logo? I mean some groups get redesigns and want to use there new logo


Looks like this is already a feature, haha. Well played, TalentHub team. :clap:
As long as you have the correct id, you can add games under your various groups.

I would still highly recommend a group-adding feature, where you can add various groups to your team page.


Thank you for bringing this up- this post encapsulates the biggest issue I have with the Devforum.
Your points + the fact that the site isn’t well made in terms of features or page design makes the talent hub essentially worthless.

On the talent hub, could you make the limit for your experiences higher or non-existent? It’s annoying to get rid of some other experience I have to replace them with new ones.

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Excellent summary of the current situation on Roblox and the DevForum.

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This is cool but seems extremely unnecessary. This isa hiring page NOT a promotional page - in this case you should be fine just linking the main group & mentioning the others, as it’s more than enough for those looking for work to understand & research into more if they need to.