Team to live with over the summer

About me

Hi, I’m Arto, a scripter. I’m 18 years old and living in California. I’ll be starting school in the fall, and initially I thought I could spend my summer self learning things but it turns out that college offers courses on basically everything that interests me haha. So instead I’m wanting to see if I could make some cash grab games on the Roblox platform this summer. I haven’t developed here for a few months now, but I used to spend all of my free time doing so (6-8 hours a day). You can find my portfolio here. In the past I despised the cash grab sort of games but I’m now realizing how practical they are so I’d really love to give them a try. I’m not sure how far I mind moving this summer so I’ll tentatively say anywhere where I can effectively communicate with others in English works for me.

About the project

This is an undeveloped idea, but if someone else is interested we can further discuss this over discord. I do have a few ideas collected over time that can serve as starting points. Basically I’m looking for developers 18+ of age who are wanting to live together over the summer before school starts (August 17, 2020 for me). At this point I think it’s best to see first if you would be interested before determining the precise skillset necessary for the team. I’m not sure yet how many people we should have either. If you already do have an in person team and are looking for an extra scripter, I’d also love to join if that’s possible.


It probably makes the most sense to share % of profits among ourselves. I most likely think that we’ll independently pay for ourselves while living together and split the rent, but I’m open to anything.


Please contact me on discord: arto#4609


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