Team Tower Defense Launch

Team Tower Defense will be launched soon, and only you can defeat the enemies.

Prepare your roster and Defend your base from incoming enemies. Take on challenges for special rewards. Defeat harder bosses in harder difficulties. Earn coins, unlock new troops, level up, team up and explore maps and new features. :roblox:


  • 25 Maps to play
  • 15 Towers to use
  • A horde of enemies coming through your way
  • 6 Game modes to take on
  • 5 Bosses to defeat
  • Progress menu ALPHA
  • Rewards
  • Matchmaking System ALPHA
  • Settings

And much more!


Please provide images of gameplay or some sort of overview of the experience. It’s hard to give feedback without any of that.


Hello, i would like to provide some images and gameplay, but the experience is still unfinished. There will be more of examples in the future, thank you for your reply.

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just a reminder ik another game has a name that already exists and i dont really have a better name for it