Team Work Makes The Dream Work

Hello! so I’ve been thinking about how me and my brother always used to play these teamwork games, well I’m also trying to make my own and I want criticism on how its made, here’s what you can rate it off of.

The Game = 1 - 10

The Obbies = 1 - 5

– Max Points = 15. – You can also rate it off other things.

The Game itself

Edit: telaporters broke hold up, what a minute

The games avalible again, fixed sum errors and stuff…

– Fixed the bridge, Jesus it was having a heart attack

– Shutdown to fix some things…

On the Tall Mountain stage, the left truss always had CanCollide to false even when I played it correctly with another player, so it was impossible to finish.

The other stage works just as fine.

Overall, I really like the concept of your game and I hope you add more levels.

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Should I add Checkpoints so when you die you go back to the start?

  • Yes
  • No

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Definitely 1 of the more underrated genres you’d usually see in games like those, it’s not bad!

Although of course a couple of things can be changed about it:

  • I don’t know if it was just me, but the Buttons were delaying a little bit whenever they got pressed on (Might wanna fix that)

  • As @Friendly4Crafter mentioned, uh the left truss’s Collision on Stage 2 was disabled (Do double check for any other baseparts that could be left un-collidable)

  • You could add a more faster respawn time, and include Spawnpoints that change your Team upon entering a specific Stage so you don’t have to re-choose the Stage over again

Overall though, it’s pretty good!


I purposly made it delay so that players wont abuse them and you wont be hearing that sound all of the time, I can set it to 2 or 1!

Typo on the script I made, on it!

Got It!

Script typo 0_0, on to fixing that to!

Im also trying to add badges for every stage you complete, so Ima invest robux into badges, art, and advertisments!

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Im also going to add more levels and probaly a tutorial, how does a tutorial sound?

  • Good!
  • Nope.

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— Fixed Tall, Tall Mountain’s Truss Insident

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