TeamCreate Chat Error Displays IP Address

I was using TeamCreate earlier, and for some reason I got two chat messages in the output, as error messages.
The error message displayed the player’s ip adress too, which I’ve blacked out in the image.

I’m not sure if this is intended behaviour, but both messages showed up correctly on the chat a few seconds later.

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Was it giving the same IP for everyone? I’m pretty sure that’s just the server IP.

I can’t remember the exact address, but the server connected message which always shows when I join a TeamCreate server starts with 186, but the error ip address started 20.

I think I remember the same happening in real online games some time ago.
If you receive chat from players while you’re not fully joined, you’ll see their IP in the logs.
(at least, that was the case long ago, haven’t checked the logs in a while)
(might’ve been the server IP, but I think it was the client IP for some reason)