Teamcreate disconnects occasionally when first opening any script

Open TeamCreate, open any script and it will occasionally disconnect. Sometimes happens multiple times in a row, has been happening for a while.

Also occurs with the auto-opened scripts that are now saved per place![|690x287](upload://cmA1SNpc4WY9Kgkp1zWMn6GfrpO.gif)

Does this happen with a new Team Create place and a default script?

What OS are you on?

It happens with any script, localscript or modulescript. I’m on W10

It seems to only happen here however like I said it’s only occasional so I may not have tested it enough times.

@Silent137 This has just started happening again within the past 2 days.

I’m unable to reproduce this. Is this happening to you in any other place? Do you have any other editors that this is happening to as well?

No other editors use the place often, hasn’t happened to me in any other place.

Does it happen with any particular script? Do you have any plugins installed? Does the message about unsaved changes always happen first?

Does this happen if you uninstall all of the plugins?

In the gif you linked initially, there is a message about Team Create having unsaved changes. Does that dialog appear every time there is this crash?

Do you have the logs or any .dmp files from these Studio sessions?

Sorry, misunderstood the unsaved changes question:
No it doesn’t happen every time, just when it normally should happen.


No, also it’s not really a crash, just disconnects and then reconnects

Logs ( one is from the first connection when it disconnects, the second is from the reconnection OR one is from both, both had the same timestamp )!At0dt8Qglcp7gvsaaJi_-NJ5W-F3zQ

What OS are you on? If you copy all of your scripts into another Team Create place, does that place also start to have this problem?

Windows 10, latest version.

Testing the latter now.

Still happens in a new place.

I made an entirely new place, copied all the scripts into it and then re-opened it several times and it happened again.

New place:

Also, something to note, I’ve had this problem over multiple installations of Windows and roblox, on the same laptop

So this happens in a new place with all of your scripts, and does not happen in a new place without them?

Does this also happen in a new place if you add just a new Script?

If not, since I cannot repro this here, can you try removing scripts until it works, and then send me a copy of the script in question?

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While I’m testing this, not sure if it helps but I noticed an error before the teamcreate reconnects:

And another error (different):

Could this be caused by packets being corrupted / dropped due to poor connection?

I ask because my home internet connection is very bad and this has only ever happened on it.

Not sure. That’s a pretty generic ‘something in a network went wrong’ error. Can you try removing the scripts until it works?

I am doing, it’s just taking a while to repro the bug, it seems to happen for a short period ( sometimes multiple times in a row ) and then not at all.