TeamCreate Script Editting Bug

Hello there! It’s again me with next TeamCreate bug. :slight_smile:

So what happens?
The studio let’s me edit the script, but it doesn’t save. It basically looks like I click the script, open it and I can change it (but the window doesn’t say “(DevKurka editting”) and after I close it and open again the changes are gone. It happens until you restart the studio. It’s pretty annoying bug, because you don’t really know when will it happen.

EDIT: The script recovery works in the most cases. It doesn’t work on the script where you notice that the changes weren’t made. For example if I will edit Script1 and Script2, close both and I will open Script1 and notice that, then the Script2 will save, but in Script1 case the old version will be “kept” by script recovery (this one before changes).

Thank you,

It has just happened again… Two times since last 15 minutes.

Thanks for your post This is a problem that we are actively working to resolve. I will keep this thread posted on our progress in solving it.

Okay. :wink:
Thanks for letting me know!

I’ve reported on the same problem, a solution I’ve found that seems to work for me is closing the script tab before saving.

Huh. For me all changes were disappearing, when I was closing the script tab.