TeamCreate/Group Game Bug

Hello from RDC, we’re trying to make a group game but it will not activate, we’re not sure what caused it. The other issue is that we can’t team create edit with a game when it isn’t active.

To reproduce:

1: First make a group game
2: Make the group game team create

3: Make sure the group game is inactive.
4: Try to edit the game in team create
Expected result: Can edit game
Actual Result: Requesting access for ever (rest in spaghetti, never forgetti, all the regretti)

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I think you accidently have this in the wrong subforum – I definitely don’t want this as a feature!

On a more serious note, edit the title it’ll allow you to move the thread to studio bugs (where it should be).

sadness ;(

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Following those steps, it seems to work fine. What OS was having problems with this?

I was on a Mac at the time.