TearDown in roblox, how?

Hi everyone, I decided to figure out how to make a system of destruction in roblox, for this I searched a little information and found this video:

It’s three years old, and I have a question for you, who knows how he did it? I’d like to do it again in a simpler way, but I don’t know how, please tell me.

Connected stuff together with welds then made those welds get destroyed

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More likely splitting parts into smaller parts with some algorithm. I have seen it done before but not for the same effect. Such as with games like build a boat for treasure. When you build your boat it assembles large small parts into large ones, then when you break the boat, those large parts are split back into smaller ones.

It would be the reverse of Greedy Meshing somehow.

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Looks like there are some good links to information on this post

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