Tech Group Information

Hello! This is Tech Group’s Information Guide! As Tech Group grows, more will be added!


Some rules are put in place for the safety of our players, so if you don’t follow them, you will be Kicked or Banned!

  1. Always follow Roblox TOS
  2. Listen to all Higher Ranks!
  3. Never ask for a Promotion
    4.HR+ May NEVER give out keys not meant for person they are giving too.
  4. If you want to know what keys to give, please read the Keys Section, thanks!
    6.Never Troll or Exploit!
  5. Be nice at all times.
  6. Don’t clip or hack into areas you Cant Access!
  7. All Staff must never be rude to Any Guest!
  8. All Staff Must Read the Rules before Working!
  9. You must use the Training Guide to Train!
  10. If the following rules aren’t followed, you could be banned or Kicked!

Hello! HRS, to give out keys, follow below!
: give (Username) StaffKey
:give (Username) ImportantKey
: Give (Username) MasterKey
FYI, if you give/get a key, not in your rank zone, you will be Kicked/Suspended/Banned!

Training Guide

You can start anywhere!
Do the following:
Give them all a StaffKey!
Take them to the Main Office Building.
Explain to them that it can be their temporary office!
Tell them what to do(Make T-Shirts, Publish Them, Take Photos for T-Shirts)
Do a Quiz!
FYI, if a Trainee is reading this, you will be Punished!
Does anyone know how to Publish a T-Shirt?
What key do you get?

A Staff Key!

Can you Troll?


Now, every question they get Right adds a Point! Then, add a Point for good grammar if they do.
If they have at least 3, they Pass!
Else, kick them!

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