Tech Simulator-Update Log and Info

Hello! This is Tech Simulator’s Update Log and Info. Let’s get started with Info!

Tech Simulator is a Fun Technology Simulator. It’s in the BETA Stage.
The owners are Baconbit100 Studios & Corporations and Tech Group. The groups are highly trained. An update is coming to the game shortly.
Play Here: Tech Simulator

More Info

The Game is fully released! There will be Bugs and there will be updates! View Tech Group Here: Tech Group

Want to contact someone? Use the Bug Report system in Tech Simulator to send a Message to a Highly trained worker!

Information Regarding Tech Simulator
Tech Simulator Was Taken Down By Baconbit100 Studios & Corporations and Tech Group after no one was playing it. Now, we are receiving numerous messages asking to re-open Tech Simulator. Before it was released fully, the developers wanted to make sure Tech Simulator is ready to be used and fully ready! Now, the game is fully running! There are a few bugs and a few things that wanted to get added, they are coming our way!