Techflight Information & Guidelines

Welcome to Techflight!

Techflight is a rebranded technology provider with soon to be great products.

We are aiming to release multiple high quality aviation related products by December

Rules & Guidelines

Our staff members may take action on violations which are not explicitly listed below. Please make sure to use common sense & judgement.

General Discord Regulations

1: We expect all members of this community to follow Discord’s Terms of Service & Roblox’s Terms of Service
2: Spamming & message flooding is not permitted
3: NSFW (Not Safe For Work +18) content, or statuses, bypassing moderation filters & bots is not permitted
4: Server Staff have final say in any situation, please do not undermine staff
5: Spreading or prompting illegal content is not permitted
6: Offensive or unique character code (untaggable) usernames are not permitted
7: Your server nickname should include your ROBLOX username with extra content separated. Eg: D_signedDev - ExtraContent
**8:**Any Nazi, communist, 9-11 etc jokes/memes are not permitted
9: Impersonation of server staff is prohibited
10: Politics are permitted in this server if does not violate rule 11
11: Heated arguments are not permitted
12: Swearing is permitted but should be kept minimal
13: Advertising, selling & hiring posts are not permitted out of designated channels
14: Common Sense

Staff members reserve the right to issue any type of consequence if deemed as necessary


Techflight operates a three strike policy. This means if you get moderated three times, you will be issued further punishment such as a temporary ban.

Product Purchasing

Products may be purchased by opening a ticket which can be done in the Discord server by pressing ‘Open Ticket’.
All customers must be in our ROBLOX group to receive their product.

We plan to be selling products with R$ and USD/GBP


Refunds shall not be issued unless there is a specific issue with the product which has not been fixed within 30 days & has not been discontinued.