Tehidy’s Cafe! My first Roblox Creation!

Hi, recently i started learning to develop games since i wanted to create something my own and i set my goal onto creating a Cafe game!

Im still learning and i am looking to update the game and make functions better as well as making more activities within the game itself!

Heres a link to my game (Tehidy’s Cafe)

Im looking for feedback for my game so i will know what things to improve! Thankyou!!


The idea itself is very good, but I’m mostly concerned about the build.
It seems very open and cold, try experiencing with filling the area up with some more ambiance if you know what I mean.

Other than that I really like it. Practice makes master.

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Ok thankyou so much! I thought that too but its hard to fill the space :joy:

Yeah, I’d try to make it smaller, and make various sections. It would make it easier to fill up

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