Telegram_Bot_API (Roblox_Module)

Hello developers, I would like to share with you my roblox module, which allows you to interact with the telegram bot (Telegram API). Link to the model below

After adding the model, you will have a folder, inside there are 2 other folders that need to be decompressed into Workspace and StarterGui, respectively.

Next, we move on to the TELEGRAM MODULE, which should be located in the Workspace.

There we will find the README script, which is an instruction for using the module. I strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with it.

Also in the same folder is the Module Script “bot_settings”. Open it to configure the bot.

BOT_TOKEN is your bot’s token, it can be obtained from BotFather.

There are also other settings that are mentioned there.

There is also a folder “Handlers”
It contains “Bindable Events” when connected via .Event(message), receive a message. Its templates can be seen in the “README”.

You can view the bot template in the script (“Example of a bot”)

If you did everything right, the bot will start interacting with Telegram users

I wish you all success in your development, I hope this module will be useful to someone😄

If you have any questions, write to me in private messages.

If you liked this module, rate this post, I will be very pleased and updates will appear in the future))


Put this in #resources:community-resources
It will get taken down in Development Discussion if you don’t!

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This API is insane. Telegram to Roblox integration is :sparkles:

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