Telekinesis System

Hi! Im just looking for some advice on better methods or techniques for creating what i’m trying to do!

For the last two days i’ve been working on a telekinesis system where you can pick up objects and throw them. So far it’s been a fun project to attempt and as you can see i’ve got a good basis but the method i’m using to throw the objects doesn’t seem to be the best, it’s glitchy and inconsistent and i’m not exactly sure why.
Any advice or feedback would be appreciated!

Currently i’m attaching a linear velocity to the part to throw it.

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for the functionality you seem to be going for, instead of a linear velocity I have 2 suggestions:

1. Vector Force

This will essentially apply a force, which is velocity/time which means it has acceleration. This would allow you to make an effect where it seems the objects have weight and it would look slightly more realistic.

This would be done by creating a vector force and setting the properties and setting it’s attachment to an attachment within the part.

2. AssemblyLinearVelocity

This will do the same thing as a linear velocity without network lag.

This would be done through setting the part’s AssemblyLinearVelocity:
part.AssemblyLinearVelocity = AVECTOR3

This would apply an instant speed to it and look as though it was thrown with immediate force.

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I will try some of these! However my issue isnt necessarily how it looks but the fact that it seems glitchy. Instead of it being thrown all the time, it’s thrown half the time and the other half it seems to just teleport to where it would land if it was thrown.

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yeah, assemblylinearvelocity would fix this, I’ve used assemblylinearvelocity for knockback systems and it solves network lag (what causes it to glitch around)

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Awesome! I’ll give that a shot thank you!

This not only simplified the process but it also greatly improved the network lag so i will consider this a solution! Thank you!

I am still having some minor issues.

While your method definitely made the movement more consistent, i’m still having trouble with a sort of lag that happens at the start of every throw as you can see in this video. It makes it look like the part almost teleports.

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A final thing you can do would be:


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