Telekinesis work in dummy but not with player

Hi, Recently i make telekinesis power, it work on dummy but not with player i don’t know why and it dosen’t give me any error in the output

here is my script:

if mouse.Target ~= nil and mouse.Target.Locked == false then	
   target = mouse.Target.Parent
   mouse.TargetFilter = target
   RE.Telekinesis:FireServer(target, true)
   down = true 

   if down == true and target ~= nil then 
							BodyPosition.Parent = target
		stepped = RunService.Heartbeat:Connect(function()
			   BodyPosition.Position = Character.Head.Position + (mouse.Hit.Position - Character.Head.Position).Unit * 20

Print give me “Player1” but he don’t move and when i test with a dummy it’s work

Just move the part of Mouse.Move function to a server RemoteEvent. Players aren’t dummies, they are controllable dummies with their own rules.

Sorry but i don’t understand what do u mean

Like every time i move my mouse i fire remote event?


Just send a request to the server from the client going “hey, I want to move this character to there because i am currently using my telekensis” for your Mouse.Move part.

I’m pretty sure a loop would be better here.

but won’t that send too much information to the server?

That’s why I recall using a loop instead. There is no way to move some other player on your client without asking the server to do it for you.

I just change target to target.HumanoidRootPart it’s work in local script for all player beceause i change network owner to client