Teleport Error Code 770

I have a teleportation error to my game every time I join the game it gives me an error: (Error code: 770)

And it’s not very well developed

Help in the comments please

Was there an intended teleport in your game? If not, this may be a backdoor.


Going to go conditional here, due to lack of info.

If this is intentional: Error 770 nearly always means you did not supply a valid place ID to the teleport function, whichever you might have used. If this error always occurs with the current state of the script, this is highly likely the case.

If this isn’t intentional: You’re probably dealing with a backdoor you’ve imported from a model that was published on the Library. Check your game for any scripts you don’t recognise or scripts that you did not add. Disable/Remove them and see if the issue persists.

I cannot provide any other advice with the current information supplied. If you want us to assist more, please tell us what the you are trying to do, and what is currently happening alongside any scripts that might be acting toward this goal.