Teleport Load Time Comparison

Hello, DevForum members. I’m working on a game that will commonly include users teleporting from place instance to place instance. My question is in regards to loading times. Are loading times faster when teleporting to a new instance of the exact same place, since assets are already loaded (hopefully), or does the engine reload all of the assets? If this isn’t the case, I’ll start a thread to request it as a feature first thing in the morning. Thanks in advance!

Well as of my knowledge it loads all the game’s assets every time a user joins, it doesn’t matter if they had them loaded again.

Yes, teleporting players to a new instance of the same place will load significantly faster because all the assets that the client had to download for the place will already be cached on the client’s machine. Reusing assets just pulls from the cache as opposed to redownloading them.

Same with why in the current instance (teleporting aside), assets that have already been used before will show up instantly as opposed to the first time around where they don’t show up for some time. Their first use requires a download, subsequent uses don’t.

Only thing I don’t know is when this cache is cleared.

Thanks! I assumed the cache would be cleared once the player teleported to another instance, but it’s great that it’s not.