Teleport Loading screen no longer functioning

When attempting to use a “Custom Loading screen UI” using TeleportService, the UI you inputted will be completely ignored.


The loading screen will be shown BEFORE the teleport fully begins, but as soon as you disconnect from the original server, the loading screen will be deleted / not shown, and you’ll see the parts streaming into view like how it used to be before the default loading screen was added

This just started happening as of this patch, and basically any game I’ve found that I KNOW uses custom loading screens has this issue.

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@Dapale Can you provide a link to your place with the issue? I will look into this issue.

From the menu, if you press “Play” and then press any option, it will prompt a teleport w/ a custom loading screen. Also saw this occur in “Island Royale” if you wanted a more familiar place

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Thanks! I’ll investigate further.

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We have identified the feature that was causing the custom teleport loading screen to fade prematurely and have disabled that particular feature.

Thanks for reporting the problem! Please let me know if the problem persists!

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Yeah, seems to have been fixed. Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

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