Teleport no longer works

I continue to get this error when trying to teleport, not sure why it stopped working - nothing changed.

Decided to work for some reason, was something down?

Teleport has been having issues as of late (or maybe even since the beginning of time, but I’ve only noticed the issues recently). Back in January I let a war group use one of my places to rally members for events, and when they teleported all 100 people some would get left behind due to teleport failures. @ScriptOn was having issues with Teleport with Demented Defense recently as well IIRC. The only thing you can do on your end is hook into Player.OnTeleport, check to see if the TeleportState is Failed, and repeatedly try to teleport the player after waiting a couple seconds until the teleport succeeds.

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It’s ‘fixed’ according to some admins but it’s obviously not. I don’t blame them though, I have yet a way to reliably reproduce and give evidence of said problem.

I see this happen everywhere, but I can’t reproduce it at all. From my perspective it seems to happen completely at random.

If you guys can record data of teleports failing (i.e. % of correct teleports being pretty low) and show the code that generated that data, that would also be evidence that they can use to justify spending time to find the bugs.

PS: @BuildIntoGames All bugs should be in a subcategory of Bugs and Exploit Reports:

Not sure if this helps, but when it happens (to me), it happens only to me and will occur for the next 5 min of leaving and rejoining to try. Eventually it works, and never occurs again.