Teleport Pad W/ Beam! | Or whatever your creative mind wants to use it for :D

Here’s a little something I put together in Roblox Studio :grin: You can 100% use this in your game. Do whatever your mind wants to do with this.

You can use it as a tp pad, a prompt to buy ugc, or selecting a team. So many creative ways :hugs:

Here’s another picture of how big it is for a roblox character

The web link ------->

The downloadable file ------->
Teleport Pad With Beam.rbxm (11.8 KB)


Isn’t it a bit basic and simple (but if it contains script then it isn’t simple for me)


Basic and simple isn’t a bad thing if the thing itself is done well.

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Yeah it is basic. You can always add stuff to it too :man_shrugging:t5:

Now that’s facts. I plan on added more stuff to it but it was just a quick thing I put together. Also it was late my time :sweat_smile: