Teleport players on update

Hello devs!
I wanna to understand how script can get moment when i published new version of game or shutdown all servers for maybe move all players in all servers to some waiting place and understand when game finally updated or shutdown ended for teleport them back.
I dont found any info about this
Sorry for my English

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Have you looked on the forum?

Yes, and i think i dont saw it

Here is a very good video that I have mentioned multiple times and is personally how I learned. It goes over all of the services at hand and how you could improve in the future. Good luck!

This s works for shutdown servers, but how i can write script which understand when i published new version of game

Personally I’d rather just use the BindToClose() function & give it a delay to teleport all players to a separate place

If you wanna detect when the game gets published however, you’d probably need to use InsertService’s GetLatestAssetVersionAsync function: