Teleport Service Error 772 Persisting for over 2 weeks

Good morning/evening,

I understand this may not be the right place to report this, since I cannot access the Bug Reports forum to post this. Still, I have a serious issue with the Teleport Service that is not allowing players to teleport into a specific server using a Job/Server Id.

I am the developer of Project Transfur - Roblox, and since around May 25th, 2024, players have been reporting to me that trying to join a specific server, through my game’s Server Hub which lists all available servers, keeps showing them Error 772, “Teleport failed, server is full .”

However, this is entirely false, since no server is full, it is in a matter of fact the opposite; because these teleports keep failing, most players are ending up in empty servers, mostly filled with 1~3 players at most.

The screenshot below shows the number of teleports that failed because a game “was full”. It has been a constant occurrence since May 25th, and honestly, I do not see how anything on MY END could have broke.

I want to stress that I have NEVER changed nor modified my server hub’s code in OVER 5 MONTHS. These teleport errors have magically started on their own, and no one has access to the code other than a fully trusted friend (he doesn’t even know how to code at all)

Right down here, I attempted to join this server at the top of my list, only 2 players are in, but I cannot join. This does not make sense.

My server hub code is as simple as it gets, allow me to explain:

All active servers update a global Memory Store Map, where the Index is their Job Id, and their value is stats on the server, such as their unique Join code, player count, etc.

The server hub then periodically reads the Memory Store, stores all the indexes and values into a table, and then double checks if any listed servers no longer exist to clear them. For active and new servers in the table, a loop checks through every index and value to create a new folder that contains the Job Id and stats from that server, so the client can read it.

The client then detects new changes and creates new listed frames, where you can click on a listed server which sends a remote to the server that the client wants to teleport to that specific server, and calls for TeleportAsync to complete the interaction.

All of this has been working fine for the past 5 months without any issue, until May 25th where suddenly errors began out of nowhere.

Please, if anyone can help me out here or contact Roblox Staff, that would be great, because I’m stumped on what to do next; I’ve already revised my code, I already ran tests, I checked if there’s any backdoors (there is none), I did all I could.

If you need more info, for experienced devs/engineers out there, ask and I’ll provide.

To add on, there are brief periods (usually an hour) when the teleport service, when teleporting into a specific server, would work like normal with no issues until it fails again with error 772 out of nowhere.

Another note is that there is a small possibility of an adversary of mine attempting to disrupt my game, however, I’m not exactly sure how they’re disrupting the teleport service specifically, if at all.