Teleport Service won't reserve a server, but teleports the players to the same server

Let’s pretend Zack, as one player. Then, another person Jackie joined his server. He goes to the teleport pad, but then experienced a major difficulty. The teleport failed to go to a new server and ended up at the same server. How can we fix this?

	local plr = game.Players:GetPlayerFromCharacter(p.Parent)
	if plr ~= nil then
		local accesscodetos = TeleportService:ReserveServer(game.PlaceId)
		TeleportService:TeleportToPrivateServer(game.PlaceId, accesscodetos, {plr})

First off, even though I am not staff, this does not follow the template. Second, did you dig for solutions on the internet? Here is the template link: About the Scripting Support category

Hope this helps out :slight_smile:

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Yes. I now realized why it won’t work now. Thanks for the option!