Teleport to a server with the best connection within a server range

I’m making a Serverlist and I want to split it into different ranges like combat warriors. However, one issue I have is that there’s no way to have Roblox join servers within a specific range.

As seen from the image, they have 3 different server ranges each for Standard, Beginners and VC.

What I am trying to create is the FIND button, it will choose the best server within that server range to join for you. However, when I checked the API for TeleportService. It’s either joining a random server among all servers or a specific server, there’s no way to limit a specific range.

It’s also not possible to check for the latency/ping between each server and make my own algorithm to find one (+ A lot of requests are needed to check every server). Randomize a JobId is also a no as it can send the player to a server on the other side of the Earth.

I’ve also thought about requesting an API that gives me back all the nearest countries of the player. However, Roblox doesn’t have servers in all countries, and it will not be as accurate as Roblox’s algorithm (There’s also an issue of whether such an API even exists).

I’ve found a solution in which you create different places for each range. However in the system I’m trying to do, that is not possible.

I’m trying to make a round-based game that has around 5+ rounds before you earn a win, however, new players joining the server at the last round will just earn a free win, making it unfair. I also don’t want to make them play and not earn a win after playing the last few rounds, I also don’t want them to wait all the way until the new intermission to play.

Because of that, I want to make a system to filter out servers that are in Intermission or are in round 1 for the best player experience. Thus, a range of servers within all servers.