TeleportAsync broken

Reproduction Steps
In the recent roblox update teleportservice is broken, many players get disconnected when being teleported.

Both TeleportService:TeleportToPrivateServer()
And TeleportService:TeleportAsync()

Disconnect people with this message;

It happens even more frequently on mobile.

local code = TeleportService:ReserveServer(TARGET_ID)
local teleportOptions ="TeleportOptions")
teleportOptions.ReservedServerAccessCode = code
TeleportService:TeleportAsync(TARGET_ID, playersInRegion, teleportOptions)						
local code = TeleportService:ReserveServer(TARGET_ID)
TeleportService:TeleportToPrivateServer(TARGET_ID, code, playersInRegion)	

Both methods fail more often than not, losing hundreds of players because of this.

Game link; Quids Game - Roblox

Expected Behavior
Players should be teleport to the new reserved server without being disconnected.

Actual Behavior
People get disconnected with an error message, screenshot provided above.

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Very High
Frequency: Often


hey @nitefal - how quickly are you teleporting users between places? you seem to be running into our safeguard that checks to see if users are in multiple places at the same time. I’ll bring this up with the team to look into further, but my initial suggestion would be to add some additional buffer time in between teleports

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Could it be possible to disable or relax this safeguard for a specific universe (if it could improve join times / reliability)? My experience already does save locking and will notify players with a message letting them know what’s happening until their save unlocks. I mainly do this so I can safely teleport players before their data finishes saving (and to make saving more robust in general), but it also means multi-logging couldn’t be abused.

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It seems to happen even when it’s their first join and have been in the place for a while before being teleported.
They join the lobby, then they get teleported to the actual game server.

Matchmaking happens every 3 minutes, so it can be anywhere within this time, if they join the queue with let’s say 10 seconds left, they’ll teleport shortly after they joined the game, so they only get teleported once in total and this still happens.

How long is this safeguard if I may ask?

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This occurs on both a game I develop for, as well as, a game I regularly play. Neither of the games teleport between places quickly, usually every 10-20 minutes, and this exact problem occurs. Both the games also use ReserveServers.

This happens quite often with many reporting it as a bug in my game to me. I would also be interested in how the safeguard works and what could be causing this.

thanks for the additional reports. I’ll bring this up with the team


Is there any update on this?
It’s still happening frequently.

Can confirm this issue happens quite often at certain periods of time. Incredibly frustrating for a game that relies on TeleportService, i.e. using TeleportAsync to teleport 30+ players at once (under one single call).

I’ve also observed this happening en masse. Around 40 players initially connected but then after a few seconds the player count had dropped to around 10 players after teleportation; presumably because of this bug.

Only weird thing is that the times that this happens are super random for me. This could happen on a Wednesday afternoon out of the blue, and sometimes it does not. Incredibly frustrating for those games with high player counts.

(Teleports are commenced every 60 seconds)

Yea same, i teleport a max of 100 at a time every 3 min. Sometimes works, then just disconnects me for the next 3 attempts.

This issue needs looking into urgently. We are losing hundreds of players because of It! It is getting incredibly frustrating that all the hard work put into making games seems to be for nothing and nothing seems to be being done about it.

sorry folks - we’re still looking into it. I’ll follow up with the teams involved.


Any update?
Still losing a ridiculous number of players because of it.

sorry for the lack of updates - we have some folks actively working on this issue. the hope is to have a fix before the holidays but the issue is fairly complex.